Wonder Girls Comes To Korea, Leaving Sun Mi In America

It’s actually kinda hard to wake up one day and find out that a member of one of your favorite groups has left. TT_TT It’s okay, I’m getting to a better stage.

Wonder Girls are getting ready to translate their hit song “Nobody” to Chinese, which will start in February. The girls went back to Korea to prepare, leaving Sun Mi in America. Continue reading

Wonder Girls Release Teaser!!


Oh my God! I’m going crazy right now. I can’t belive it!

It’s finally out WonderFuls! The 30 second teaser of Wonder Girls debut song “Nobody” is out! They released it through their official American website.

The teaser is very nice. Wonder Girls have a grand entrance while they slowly walk down the stairs. It even shows some videos of them in concerts. Even though it only has YuBin rapping and “Saranghae”, it’s good enough to get us, WonderFuls, going crazy. Continue reading

So Hee & Sun Mi are too effing pretty for school!


Well this might take a big shot for their future.

The Chic, So Hee, and The Daydreamer, Sun Mi, have dropped out of High School to focus on their activities in the US.

The 90’s babies have been attending CheongDam and ChamgMoon High school. A JYP representative said that in Korea Continue reading

So Hee’s type of guy is married

Park Hae II found out that he was So Hee’s ideal guy and had to say “If she meets me, her dreamy image of me will crumble.”

On KBS 2TV “Entertainment Relay – Guerilla Date”, the interviewer told Park Hae Il that out of all the male fans So Hee has, she had specifically picked you as her ideal guy. And to that, Park Hae Il replied, “I want to meet So Hee. But I’m a married man. If she meets me, her dreamy image of me will crumble.”

The Guerilla Date with Park Hae Il airs today on KBS.

Credits: KJP & AF

Wow! Interesting.

[Countdown] Wonder Girls comeback

Aren’t you all worked up for Wonder Girls?

Wonder Girls will be flaming 08 at the end of September. If you go to Wondergirls you’ll see a countdown system like this:

The countdown is all pinkish and says D-10 with a countdown clock. D-10 means 10 more days. You may type in the box and write something and the message will show up with just a click. Good luck to Wonder Girls, let’s see the new hip things they can bring to us.

Wonder Girls will hold their first concert

JYP’s five beautiful wonders will holding a concert in… 2009!

With their success, “Tell Me” and “So Hot”, they became the biggest hit in Korea.

Their second full album is expected to be released early 2009, but still watch out for their new Mini-album which is expected to release on September 25th.

Wonder Girls are also set to pump the party at MBC’s Choosuk party with some old school-funky dancing in the “New Generation Star Trot Battle“. The dance off will feature Big Bang, Jewelry, and SS501.

Stay tuned to MBC on September 15th to find out what the fuss is about!

I’m soo excited! Aren’t you?