[MV] SNSD Screams “Oh!”

Well it took them some while. Kept us waiting forever!

The music video for SNSD’s “Oh!” is finally here, and I’m not too excited because the MV, to me, was fairly average. It’s like any SNSD video. Cute, sexy, and fun! Continue reading


OH! SNSD Finally Released The Full Song

Oh! I think I was the last person to report this news. LOL! I’m cracking up with this song. Oh! Maybe I shouldn’t.

Oh! Start the news! Just some days ago SNSD revealed the teaser for their song “Oh!”. This is a song for their 2nd full-length album! The song is kinda catchy, but it hasn’t caught my taste yet. I’m still trying to get used to it. Continue reading

SNSD To Come Back On February!

Yes! Yes! Yes! And don’t think about this in a nasty way.

There were rumors going around that SNSD would be coming back in February, and now this rumors are now true! There were speculates that it would be a mini-album. But that’s false, it’s a full-length album. Apparently the girls were working on this album since 2009, so this album should be very enjoyable. Continue reading

Is SM Entertainment another way to enter Hell?


Maybe it’s a good thing to read this article before entering auditions, such as the Weekly ones.

No one knows what goes on behind doors, but some of us can try to find out. We all wanna know if the Entertainment world is a glamorous to live in. But it isn’t so glamorous. You get the fame and money (or maybe not), and you get fans that give you gifts, and people think you can get whatever you want. Wrong or right?

DBSK have been standing up for themselves and told the media what SM is a bitch palace, and can ruin your life. Continue reading

Yamaguchi Proposes to SooYoung

Copy (2) of yamaguchi_SooYoung_KJP

I’m sorry, but I’m kinda freaked out now.

We all know that Japanese people are pretty cool but this guy is pretty weird. Yamaguchi has always wanted to marry a Korean woman like Kim Jung Min, who married a Japanese woman. He appeared on Star King.

He said slowly, in Korean “Korean Woman really pretty. I ate Wasabi and practiced my vocal.” Shall I say awkward. For this nice performance he did a Kim Jung Min version of SNSD’s “Tell Me Your Wish”. After he was done performing, he walked to the panel (where SNSD members were sitting), brought out a diamond ring, knelt on the ground, and proposed to SooYoung. To awkward. Continue reading

Tiffany Didn’t ‘Pin It’


Not her mouth, but her underwear. There are no pictures for you perverts.

There was a fancam of SNSD’s Tiffany before their “Etude” performance on the 27th of June. This topic became the most searched on Daum. And it is something you would like to search.

The actions Yoona did caused some fans to cause a riot and antis too. Some people think that Tiffany wasn’t wearing underwear, or Continue reading

[MV]Can You Tell SNSD Your Wish?


The new video for SNSD’s ‘comeback’ is finally out.

The girls are really super pretty in this video, but the video had nothing to do about genies. Maybe the beginning, but the rest of the video was like huh? It pretty much shows the girls dancing and pillow fighting? Okay. This video was kinda awkward for me. But, the song will win you over. Why don’t you CHECK IT OUT! Continue reading