SM Entertainment Violates Han Geng’s Human Rights

I wonder how the stars in SM Entertainment deal with what’s happening.

HanGeng had an interview with BTV program on July 12th. The reporter had asked him a few questions about his treatment in SM Entertainment and he had answered with amazing answers that would shock many fans of SuJu and the SM Family.

HanGeng had sued SM last year to leave his 13 year contract with SM and the battle is still going on today. It is said that he had sued SM after a number of Continue reading


SNSD And HanKyung Are All Good

SM Entertainment made a statement on the rumors that were saying that SNSD was being a huge bitch to HanKyung.

SM Entertainment stated that the articles about SNSD and HanKyung are all false. The SM Family could not believe that something that upsetting and shocking would come up between the family.

Hankyung is in China, so he can’t perform for the remainder of the year. I didn’t say anything about him fighting with SM. So this isn’t over!

SNSD Talks Bad About SuJu’s HanKyung?

It looks like the only Chinese member of SuJu is quitting because of the harsh treatment of SM and… SNSD? Antis get ready!

HanKyung filed a request to the Seoul Central District Court to destroy his contract with SM on the 21st. It is rumored that HanKyung wanted to become a solo singer and step away from SuJu, but his contract with SM wouldn’t allow it. Continue reading

Is SM Entertainment another way to enter Hell?


Maybe it’s a good thing to read this article before entering auditions, such as the Weekly ones.

No one knows what goes on behind doors, but some of us can try to find out. We all wanna know if the Entertainment world is a glamorous to live in. But it isn’t so glamorous. You get the fame and money (or maybe not), and you get fans that give you gifts, and people think you can get whatever you want. Wrong or right?

DBSK have been standing up for themselves and told the media what SM is a bitch palace, and can ruin your life. Continue reading

Super Junior turns into 12 members for 2nd Asian Tour


Don’t freak out fans. No one has been kicked out. Sadly, one member won’t be joining them.

Kim Ki Bum won’t be joining the boys on their “Super Show 2” because someone hurt their leg. He has to sit out of promotions for six weeks. Also… he’ll need a cast. SM tried their “hardest” to see if Kim could be in the tour, but the question they asked answered “NO”. Continue reading

Super Junior throws a concert


Famous SM Boyband, Super Junior, is having an encore concert in Seoul.

Fans should get ready for January 3rd and 4th of next year because Super Junior be holding “Super Junior The 1st ASIA TOUR-SUPER SHOW ENCORE” at Seoul Olympic Park Fencing Stadium. This concert is and encore for their “Super Junior The 1st ASIA TOUR-SUPER SHOW”.

During November 22nd they are going to perform in Shanghai, China for “Super Junior The 1st ASIA TOUR-SUPER SHOW” for their fellow fans in China.