New Couples Of “We Got Married?”

It has been revealed during a preview that there will be two new couples being added to the “We Got Married” program. I don’t watch it, though I wish I could. It seems pretty fun, judging from the preview. I just don’t have time anymore to watch things. I can’t even watch new music videos without being disrupted. But off with my life and on with the news! Continue reading


[Hot Shot] T-ara’s Jiyeon Is Like A Boy For Elle Girl

And it’s pretty. Love the boyish look!

T-ara’s Jiyeon got all boyish for Elle Girl and she is looking fierce. She removed her cutesy image and showed us a new self. This is the August Issue of Elle Girl. T-ara’s Jiyeon Continue reading

T-ara Reveals ‘Big Change’

And then we all gasp.

What is this big change some may ask? Well some few days ago, the management of T-ara revealed that they will be making big changes and fans have been going up and down wondering what this change will be… and it’s now been revealed.

Core Contents Media revealed that T-ara will have a new member to go with a new second album. Continue reading

Lee Jung Hyun Gets Set For ComeBack

Some people might not remember but I do. I kinda went “crazy” for her.

We knew her by AVA, now Lee Jung Hyun will come back. She had promoted her song “Vogue It Girl” last summer and is now getting set for a comeback this month! It’s been half a year and she’s coming back with a 7th album. She appeared on Asia Uncut to promote her upcoming comeback and was even compared to Lady GaGa. Awkwardness… Continue reading

T-ara’s Soyeon And Yoon Si Yoon Contracts The H1N1 Virus!

The H1N1 virus is still going around?

T-ara’s Soyeon had been developing symptoms of the virus during a filming of “God Of Study” and went through two tests to show what was wrong with her. Then on the 29th, it was confirmed that she had contracted the virus. Continue reading

MNet Media takes away T-ara’s Phone and internet?


It was revealed that T-ara’s company, MNet Media, has taken away T-ara’s Cellphones and restricted time for them on the internet.

T-ara told medias that after they had some discussions with their company (MNet Media) they cooperated with them and gave them their cellphones. They’re allowed to use their managers phone if there is an urgent matter. Continue reading