The Green Hornet To Be Released In January 2011

In the states.

Well, I was watching “Salt” yesterday and then “The Green Hornet” trailer came on. So, I was wondering where have I heard this from and who is this Asian guy in this movie? I’ve seen him before but I couldn’t remember his name. Then, I remembered… he took Kwon Sang Woo’s job. Continue reading

Kwon Sang Woo won’t make Hollywood Debut yet


Life isn’t all that great, but it can get better.

It’s been revealed that Kwon Sang Woo isn’t going to debut in Hollywood just yet due to the Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou. Well, Jay Chou is just awesome, so at this point I don’t care who won the part.

Kwon Sang Woo was supposed to act as Kato in the upcoming Hollywood movie “The Green Hornet”.

The director of the film, Michael Gondry, announced that Jay Chou is incredibly charming and fights like a wild dog. Continue reading

Kwon Sang Woo enters the American world


After Watching “A Story Sadder Than Sadness (More Than Blue)” last week, I’ve become very amazed and proud of Kwon Sang Woo.

It was announced that Kwon Sang Woo was entering the U.S. after the rumors of his divorce with Son Tae Young was cleared, the movie he’s acting in is now revealed!

Kwon Sang Woo is acting alongside with Nicolas Cage and Cameron Diaz in the classic Continue reading