SE7EN Them Girls Released!!


Okay, this morning I didn’t go on the comp, but yesterday I went crazy with this song. I played it over and over. It was so freaking good. I couldn’t wait!! Now, it’s finally here.

The music video of SE7EN’s new song “Them Girls” (HOT!!) has finally been revealed. It was kinda awkward with the sex, club, and girls… even though the song is about girls. Continue reading

New SE7EN song leaked!


Cheesy title don’t you think? Well SE7EN is on a role with me. I actually like this new song. I’m still a big fan girl of him. 🙂

A new track titled “No Taking Back” was leaked. This song is an upbeat song to get you off the floor and start dancing.

I like this song so please CHECK IT OUT!

Credits: Tyamicky @ YT