Here comes the “19” Preview


The preview for the new and exciting movie, 19, which is starring Heo Yi Jae, both SeungRi and T.O.P. of famous Korean hip-hop group, Big Bang.

For big fans of T.O.P., before you watch the preview I just want to let you know that there will be a smooching scene between T.O.P. and Heo Yi Jae. Continue reading

[MV] Big Bang thinks of ‘My Heaven’


First of all, who the hell is the girl?

Big Bang recently released the full MV for their new Japanese single titled “My Heaven”, which I enjoy in Japanese, instead of the Korean version. Don’t worry VIPs you didn’t miss much, it’s just a remake of their song “Heaven”, just in Japanese. Continue reading

TOP and SeungRi becomes ’19’


Our sexy member of Big Bang is acting a new Korean movie titled ’19’ and the movie seems interesting, if you’ve read the summary so far.

Fellow Big Bang member, SeungRi, is also acting this highly anticipated movie and they both wrote and performed one song for the new movie, which will, of course, be a hit. SeungRi’s song will be a ballad type, while TOP’s Continue reading

Get set for the ’19-year-olds’


The new movie titled ’19’ will be starring both Big Bang’s T.O.P. and SeungRi. 19 can also be known as 19 year old, My19, and My 19 year old. Heo Yi Jae also star in this new movie.

The story is about three teenager who are accused of a crime that they did not commit. Because of this accuasations Continue reading

[Sneak Peek] TOP’s new drama: IRIS


A teaser for the new drama, IRIS is finally out. The teaser was shown during the press Conference that was held on the 12th. From watching the trailer, the story seems to surround the two main characters: Kim Tae Hee & Lee Byung Hun. Continue reading