[MV] HeeChul and Jungmo (M&D) “Close Ur Mouth”

Super Junior’s Heechul and TRAX’s JungMo have teamed up to create what is now known as M&D. The MV for the track “Close Ur Mouth” was revealed on the 23rd on SMTOWN’s Youtube page and facebook. It has been said that Heechul had casted the extras and filming staff by himself. JungMo proved to be the boss and played many instruments in the video.

Many big stars also made some appearances in their video making it full of stars.  Continue reading

SMTOWN LIVE ’10 Steps Out Of Asia

But it’s nowhere close to where I live.

The SM gang are coming to the US and as you can tell in the photo above that it’s in the Staples Center located in LA.

There are quite a lot of artists coming to the huge concert including BoA, U-Know (of DBSK), SNSD, SHINee, and even kind of new girl group f(x). A lot of people should be getting hyped and ready to buy these tickets because I know I won’t. I can’t buy a ticket to cause I’m broke and it’s not close enough to where I live. Continue reading

TRAX “Let’s You Go”

The date for TRAX’s comeback is getting closer and closer… and to get fans crazy, they released a new teaser.

This teaser video also features Super Junior’s HeeChul and f(x) Victoria. The track is titled “Let You Go”. The teaser looks very… gloomy. The song is pretty much about breaking up with someone you deeply love and the aftermath of what happens during that break up. Continue reading

Super Junior’s HeeChul Get’s Some Tongue Action?


I promised not to write about this, because it was a bit disturbing, but I couldn’t help myself. That picture is very distracting to me. Damn! Okay back to the point, but before I continue I just want to tell you that it’s not a girl.

On Super Junior’s 1st ASIA TOUR-SUPER SHOW at the Olympic Park on January 1st. During the encore performance of the rock version of Lee Jung Hyun’s “Crazy”, HeeChul went a bit crazy and “pretended” to kiss one of his member, Sungmin and a member of the guest group Trax, JungMo.

Just to make sure that there were no jumbled up stories about this JungMo told the Korean site, E-Daily, that he likes women. Suuure. Even though he didn’t want any sick stories, I’m getting sick to my stomach. I’m okay, you don’t have to ask. Check out the video! The dirty action starts at 1:51

Credits:gomdoriii @YT