[Throwback] Utada Hikaru Finds Her First Love

This is one of the few songs that are probably on the playlist of many people in Japan. If you do not know this song, I feel ashamed of you because this is the most selling single in Japan… EVER! If you do not know who Utada Hikaru is… She’s pretty much the Michael Jackson of Japan. She produces, writes and composes most of her music. She’s been going at her music for over 10 years. Utada is probably one of the most influential artist in all of Japan.. alongside with Ayumi Hamasaki. Continue reading


Boyz II Men To Cover Japanese Songs

That’s freaking awesome. Their voices are so amazing and the songs they pick is too much.

It has been revealed that famous Acapella/ R&B group Boyz II Men will be covering different Japanese songs for a new album. The album “COVERED -Winter-” was first revealed as a retailer a couple of months ago but no one knew the track-list until now. There will be covers of nine Japanese songs, total. The songs Continue reading

[MV] Utada Hikaru Says Goodbye To Happiness

The video was something opposite to what I thought it would be. The song is totally amazing, I must say. The girl can sing and she can do it real good at it too.

I announced on the seventh about everything that is going on with Utada and under that news, I announced she would release a new song and a new PV on the ninth. We all today is the ninth so we all should have gone crazy already. Anyways, to keep this news going, the PV was actually quite creative. Utada Continue reading

What Has Been Up With Utada? [News From August To Now]

That’s what I’ve been wondering for days now. Well, it seems like the girl might not be coming back for some while.

There have been quite a lot of stuff going on with Utada and the deetz are finally out. Since last year after Utada’s third try in breaking into the American market didn’t work as well as we thought it would, no one knows what’s been up with her. But great news for those who have a twitter… Utada now owns one.

It was revealed on August that Utada would go on a Hiatus in 2011 to learn more about herself, the world, music, and settle private matters. After the news broke out some fans went wild because she hadn’t released anything since her last album “This Is The One.” As the days went by, Utada’s management finally revealed that she will release a new album titled “Utada Hikaru Single Collection Vol. 2” along with five new tracks.  Continue reading

BoA to collaborate with Timbaland?


There’s a rumor going around….

That BoA will be featured in Timbaland’s new album “Shock Value Volume 2”, that I don’t care for at all! There are two tracklist listed, and one has the name On The Radio (ft. BoA), not that I care, or you should get psyched about. Some people won’t even know her.

Timbaland confirmed that some of the tracks aren’t true and Continue reading

Utada Hikaru Enters the Billboard Charts


Utada’s third English album titled ‘This Is The One’ made it on the Billboard charts. And hell yeah… I’m freaking happy!

Utada’s album did very well in Japan and it seemed like it might be good in America too. It made it on number 69 on the Billboard 100. That’s right, you can start screaming now. This marks her the seventh Japanese entertainer to enter the Billboard 100.

The first artist was in 1963, Kyu Sakamoto, which I love, then Isao Tomita, Tsutomu Yamashita, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Yoko Ono, Loudness, and now Utada.

I’m freaking proud of her. She’s so awesome. She deserves it. Don’t forget to buy a album.