[UPDATED] Evolution of Kpop (1995 – 2011) Part 3 Focuses on the Negative Parts of the Hallyu Wave

After re-uploading part 2 of this project, I felt bad to all the people that I told to check part two out TWICE. In order to show appreciation and apologize for all the glitches and problems, I decided to upload part three even quicker. I would’ve uploaded this Friday, but I thought, I might as well now. Smiley faces?

Anyway, part three will not be thoroughly fun for hardcore kpop fans who can’t take negative criticisms nicely. Continue reading


[Movie Review] The Wonder Girls At The Apollo

Well, just yesterday I finally watched Wonder Girls’ movie titled “The Wonder Girls at the Apollo.” Because I watched the movie, I thought it’d be a fun idea to do a movie review for it. Now, I’m going to be harsh and I’m going to be nice. I observed almost everything about the movie. To their styles, their walk and of course their performance. Now, I did not leave the crew behind the camera out also. I watched the editing, I watched for lighting and I also watched for how the camera operator performed. Some people may ask “how would I know these things?” Well, I actually take film classes and acting classes, so I understand 70/30 of everything that was going on. This will be an interesting journey. Won’t it, KoJos?

Okay, let’s start with the story. The story was, well, cliché. Continue reading

KARA Returns This September?

There are rumors surfacing the internet that girl group, KARA will return to Korea with a new song this September. While they’re up in Japan promoting “Go Go Summer,” they’re currently working on their third album when they can find any moment to record. This will be their comeback after ten months of their last Korean single “Jumping.” It will also be their comeback after a recent lawsuit Continue reading

Wonder Girls Win Award For Digital Sales In China

Credit: PikeYenny4 @ YT

The girls of the hit Korean female group attended China’s Wireless Music Award in Beijing and also picked up an award as they left. They had a total of five million three hundred seventy one thousand and nine hundred three digital downloads last year, or simpler.. Continue reading

John Park Auditions In SuperStar K2

After seeing his audition on American Idol last year, I fell in love with him. His face is marvelous and his voice reminds me of Park Hyo Shin.

After being eliminated from the Top 24 in American Idol, the boy is back. This time, in Superstar K2. He performed Alicia Keys’ hit song “If I Ain’t Got You” and made quite an impression. He also performed Wonder Girls’ Continue reading

Wonder Girls Go Live In Malaysia

Gave me 2 different tears. After all these years. That song is still stuck in my head. It’s so awesome! Too bad not a lot of Americans like it.

Anyways, the girls attended MTV Asia’s Stage Live award located in Malaysia and they rocked… as you can tell in the photo above. They performed for a crowd of approximately 15,000 and fans sang along. They opened their heart stopping performance with Continue reading