[MV] Gummy Has No Love

Really? The video is out?!! Yesh!’

The woman with the killer voice has finally released her new video titled “There Is No Love”. The full song has been released also and her new album “Loveless” will be released on the 29th. This is supposed to be a ballad-rock type of song. Continue reading

2NE1 On Discovery Channel!

Discovery Channel has already gone to Korea and done biographies on Rain and Lee Byung Hyun (both made it in Hollywood) and now it’s 2NE1’s turn!

Discovery Channel held another “Hip Korea documentary” and it featured Kim Yuna as well as YG Entertainment’s girls 2NE1.  At the end of the documentary the focus on Kim Yuna went down and a document on the society of Continue reading

Sandara Park “Kisses” her first solo single


Already! They haven’t even celebrated one year in the business!

YG Entertainment has revealed that Sandara Park (Dara) will release her first digital solo single titled “Kiss”. Who?

Dara’s “Kiss” is currently planned to be in 2NE1’s album new album coming in October. It’s produced and composed by Teddy, the person that practically wrote most of 2NE1’s songs! Continue reading

[Hot Shot]G-Dragon goes blonde for HeartBreaker


I actually couldn’t recognize him until I stared at the pictures harder. But, this is surely G-Dragon. Because I’m digging the pics.

Big Bang member G-Dragon is teasing quite a lot for his first solo album titled “HeartBreaker”, and official pictures of him for his album is now released. I have to say that the pictures are pretty hot! Continue reading

Daesung in car accident!


News has released that Big Bang’s Daesung was in a car accident while he was going back home from filming an episode of family outing. It is said that the vehicle that hit him bumped into another car and hit his car.

YG Entertainment believes that his arm was injured. His manager had a leg injury, while Daesung’s hairstylist was quickly rushed to the hospital for sever bleeding. The car was squashed when it crashed.

To reveal some truth now. It seems like the results are worse. Continue reading

Will YG Entertainment kill SE7EN’s career?


It’s been sometime since we’ve heard about SE7EN. I even almost forgot that he was debuting in the U.S. All those hype he’s been giving us since he debuted on 106 & Park on BET. Still… no success huh?

It was said last month that YG was going to ruin SE7EN’s career by turning down big deals in the US and some in Korea and Japan. When this news released worldwide, fans were shocked. But like all companies do, they try to look like the good guy. Continue reading