Wonder Girls Comes To Korea, Leaving Sun Mi In America

It’s actually kinda hard to wake up one day and find out that a member of one of your favorite groups has left. TT_TT It’s okay, I’m getting to a better stage.

Wonder Girls are getting ready to translate their hit song “Nobody” to Chinese, which will start in February. The girls went back to Korea to prepare, leaving Sun Mi in America. Continue reading

Australian “Princess Of Pop” Loves Wonder Girls


Well, we’re all getting a little Wonder Girls fever these days.

Australian singer and songwriter Lenka became a big fan of Wonder Girls when she saw them on Perez Hilton’s blog. She also says that they’re the musician she’s mostly wanted to see in Korea.

YooBin found out about this news and posted on her official Hompi stating “Lenka, I want to meet you too”.

She even wrote on Wonder Girls’ “Nobody” copy “I ♥ U Yu-Bin” and on her own copy “Lots Of Love Yu-Bin”.

I hope she’s not obsessed over Yu-Bin, cause this might be a big problem. Pretty cool, don’t you think. Wonder Girls debut in America, but reaches Australia. The girls are going far.

Wonder Girls Release Teaser!!


Oh my God! I’m going crazy right now. I can’t belive it!

It’s finally out WonderFuls! The 30 second teaser of Wonder Girls debut song “Nobody” is out! They released it through their official American website.

The teaser is very nice. Wonder Girls have a grand entrance while they slowly walk down the stairs. It even shows some videos of them in concerts. Even though it only has YuBin rapping and “Saranghae”, it’s good enough to get us, WonderFuls, going crazy. Continue reading

So Hee & Sun Mi are too effing pretty for school!


Well this might take a big shot for their future.

The Chic, So Hee, and The Daydreamer, Sun Mi, have dropped out of High School to focus on their activities in the US.

The 90’s babies have been attending CheongDam and ChamgMoon High school. A JYP representative said that in Korea Continue reading

Netizens attacks Yoo Bin’s weight?


Wonder Girls’ Yoo Bin was attacked by netizens about her weight.

Yoo Bin recently posted on Cyworld saying “I know it too. Please stop doing this. This is enough. Please stop now. Please”. This post was recently replaced because of this shock to fans.

Tons of people are now comparing Yoo Bin now and when she entered Wonder Girls. Fans and netizens say this is a big change from how she was. They also say that her figure looks different from other Wonder Girls like Sun Mi or Sun Ye. Yoo Bin gained weight since her debut with Wonder Girls. This has put her under some stress now. Continue reading