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We’re probably not that awesome to be called the best blog to find out news of Asian Entertainment, but hey we try! So deal with it.

KJP has set up lots of YouTube account due to copyrighted videos, but we managed to keep our new account for more than two months! Continue reading

2PM is HOT on YouTube


2PM’s new album “2:00PM Time For Change” is finally out and it’s hotter than ever!

Again & Again have gotten hot responses from YouTubers since the 14th, the day teasers sprang at us. 2PM officially ranked No. 1 in ‘Most Viewed’ in the Musician channels. It stayed no.1 for a long time, even after the MV released. Continue reading

Wonder Girls sign up on YouTube


For you Wonderholic, like us, Wonder Girls opened a YouTube Channel for fans and viewers.

Under the label of JYP, Wonder Girls have reached higher than most Koreans. The have fame from Korea to America, since they were featured in Perez Hilton’s blog and was named one of the top Girl group to look out for in a UK website.

Check out Wonder Girls’ channel

BoA gets a YouTube

“Asia’s Star”, BoA, finally has an official YouTube account. She made this new account to promote her Eat You Up single and her album, Look Who’s Talking. Her YouTube account, BoAmusicUSA, is already getting famous as it is already winning awards such as most viewed this week.

Also, BoA will also be the MC of the two new concert she will be in, San Fransisco and Tokyo. This concert is going to be starting off at 8:30 A.M. and will have American singers such as Akon, Will.I.AM, Esmee Denters and more. Japanese artists such as KREVA will be ending the one in Tokyo. BoA will perform first with her new song “Eat You Up.”

To bring out more news, SM finally made a decision to use both videos of BoA’s “Eat You Up”. But the Asian version will be used more to promote her song.

Eat You Up Live

BoA’s first Live performance of “Eat You Up” is on YouTube? Guessed right! It’s on YouTube Live to be exact. The first performance will be at Shinkiba Studio in Tokyo.

YouTube plans to host an event called “Youtube Live” on November 22nd at 8PM, said to be “part concert, part variety show, and part party.” The event will stream live over YouTube and is said to be taken at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco. Check out the video!


Younha finally revealed her MV

Younha made a MV for her titled song ‘Telepathy’.

I watched the video and thought it was pretty funny and really interesting. Why don’t you check it out yourself.

Younha – Telepathy (Romanization)

Credits: KoJaProductions@YT

Younha – Telepathy MV (english subbed)

Credits: wondersmurf@YT

Yes it’s true we have a YouTube account!

New KoJa Productions videos!

KoJa Productions has a YouTube account… if you didn’t know! We’ve been keeping updates on the news, now videos. We’ve made 2 videos that has the lyrics of what the singers are saying. 1 is Hyori’s “Hey Mr. Big”. If you wanna learn the lyrics… watch the video

U-Kiss is a new boyband and we thought “nyah we like the song” so we decided on this one! Here’s “Not Young” by U-Kiss with romanization.

If you want us to make any other videos with romanization or english subs (we’ll try) e-mail us at

See ya!