[Hot Shot] BoA Kisses Derek Hough For New Hollywood Flick


Fanboys of BoA might be getting too mad about this, because as the picture above reveals that their is a kissing scene between BoA and her costar Derek Hough in the new flick slated to come out next year titled “COBU 3D.” The film set is revealed to be in Toronto, Canada, in which was filmed just yesterday. The film has been revealed to be about Continue reading

New Male Group To Debut Next Month

Once again there will be a new boy group coming to town and no they are not Sistar.

It has been revealed that StarShip Entertainment, the same company that owns Sistar and K.Will, will be having a new male group in the music scene. There have been rumors that their names are Jo Young Min, Yunho, Continue reading

DBSK might not remain together afterall


We all know the shocking news that is traveling all over news portals right now. Ever since the news revealed yesterday, fans have gone sleepless thinking about what will happen next, and it’s pretty hard to figure it out.

SM Entertainment recently stated that they will try their hardest to keep the group together, but to many the group is just split into two.


This big problem has caused Lee Soo Man, owner of SM Entertainment, to come back to Korea from the U.S. headquarters. Soo Man wants to Continue reading

Atsuko Maeda gets anti-fans because of DBSK’s Yunho?


I guess it’s not a good thing to confess your feelings to any DBSK/Tohoshinki members.

Eighteen-year-old member of AKB48 Atsuko Maeda recently confessed her feelings toward the huge star, and things went awfully wrong.

She stated “Yunho is a tall, thoughtful man. When I heard about the first trading card to commemorate Tohoshinki was released I immediately went out to get it. I really do like him.” Continue reading

Yunho makes females proud by doing what?



Before you read: don’t watch the video that will be shown later in the post more than twice. Once isn’t enough for us, girls. If you’re a guy and you’re watching this with your buddies, that’s really gay. This might cause weird ‘cravings’. If you watch the video, do NOT stalk the DBSK star. If you can handle everything, go ahead. Continue reading

Who’s Your Top 5?


A poll was recently mentioned on EBN News concerning of “The Top 5 Most Wanted Men And Women.” Ahhh. So interesting huh? I have a bunch of top 5’s and I’m not talking about sizes looks here…. And the top 5 men are…

Continue reading