Kim Ah Joong goes nude too?


Wow, some people don’t have a life. Even making anti videos is better than what the hell these people did.

200 Pounds Beauty star, Kim Ah Joong, was labled “Son Ye Jin” since the accident of her breasts flying around the air, and it made it big on the internet, but it was later on proven that the pictures were fake. Kim Ah Joong was the next victim after a picture of Kim naked was posted on the internet. Kim was really mad after she saw the picture and said that she will never put herself in this type of situation and to keep her reputation positive, hoping her fans still loves her.

Update: Added New Picture, still blurry, sick minds.

The photo spread quickly around and became a number 1 search on portal websites. Kim Ah Joong’s agency quickly took all the pictures down, but fans are worried that the person who posted the pictures will put it back on the internet.

Her agency are finding all the data and clues they can find. When they’re done, they say that they will find the criminal.

I know that some of you want to see the picture but this is kinda mean and nasty. So far, only blurry pictures can be seen. It’s over Z rated. Here’s a blurry one. Not posting the real one.


This one is even more sicker. bleh! I even deleted it after I uploaded it. gosh!


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