SNSD’s TaeYeon Makes A Racist Remark?


Okay, since the race she’s talking about is my race then I’m pretty pissed of right now and I feel like choking her! She even said it about one of my favorite artist!

In a recent ChinChin radio broadcast, SNSD’s leader, Kim TaeYeon with co-host DJ, KangIn, began discussing about the visit she made to a hospital.

A nurse refused to give her IV shot, so she began screaming and ranting about the situation in the live broadcast. She said

But if that person is really a nurse and if it’s really bad then she should just give a shot while I’m laying down. I’m not letting sick people go to that hospital ever!

But after finishing her ranting and screaming she kindly apologized after she recived complaints from doctors and nurses and decided to forget by saying

Fine, fine. I get it with all the messages. It’s my fault for being sick. I’M SORRY.

After all that chaos happened, matters grew worse… A song from the R&B singer and one of my favorite artist, Alicia Keys, played. TaeYeon knew who Keys was and clearly stated

For a black person, she’s really pretty.

Okay. Now that just pissed me off. If you don’t get it then I’ll translate it for you.

She clearly stated “Black people are ugly, but I’m surprised that she isn’t.

Does that make sense now? Listen TaeYeon, if you want people to stop hating you and the whole SNSD members, then you need to get your act together and watch what you’re saying!

Many fans tried protecting her by saying…

She was angry about the situation that happened in the hospital and didn’t know what she was saying.

So? If she’s a celebrity and she’s on live broadcast, she should have known to watch what she says!

14 thoughts on “SNSD’s TaeYeon Makes A Racist Remark?

  1. Hmm…not just Taeyeon but some ‘certain’ members of SNSD really do need to think before they speak.

  2. I can’t believe Tayeon would do something like that. I’m some parts African, and that truly offended me. I like Yuri better.
    @Waverly: You’re talking about Tiffany aren’t you. Yep I hate that bitch.
    Alicia Keys is a great singer, she surely looks better than Taeyeon and is taller!

  3. I’m not trying to defend her, trust me. I really don’t care about her. But I’m just wondering if it has to do with Asian Cultures (and I’m not saying they’re racist). But in Asian cultures their “True Idea of Beauty” is incredibly pale skin, while in America it’s that tanned look, so it might be a culture thing. Since Pale is considered more beautiful than tan in that culture she “might” be shocked because she was raised in a country where Pale was considered more beautiful than tanned skin, so to realize that tan people have a certain beauty about them might be a bit of a shock for her. I’m neither Asian nor Black, and I don’t really know anything about African culture, but do understand a bit of Asian culture, so saying that might be considered more acceptable than in the US. I’m not excusing her actions, I think what she said was stupid, but it might be the reason why she said it.

  4. Also, just a quick note to “Jolly” as far as the “I thought Koreans hate Japanese”. I have a friend who is Korean and she told me that the reason why must Koreans are angry at the Japanese is due to past wars. She used to be angry about it, but she’s not mad at them anymore. One can only stay so mad at another country for a war they weren’t alive in for so long. I think it’s more of the older generations that still bear strong grudges. And as far as “If Japanese didn’t make anime there would be NO such thing as Japan in the US.” I think that’s false, because in California there are large populations of Asians, including Japanese. There are small sections of cities, “Little Tokyo” “Little Italy” “Chinatown” These sections are quite often noted in maps, also Japan is credited with “sushi” and over the years Sushi has become more and more popular, not just the raw fish, but they have all vegetable ones that are quite popular. Also, where I am Japanese food (along with Italian food) is a favorite, and most of the people don’t know or understand anime. I mean no disrespect, but I felt the need to possibly clarify some things, at least, from my perspective.

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  7. @ Whoever wrote at 4 –
    You see, this is why people hate SNSD. Because of indenial fans like you that will protect them no matter what. I happen to be a SNSD fan, and what Taeyeon said was wrong!

    Okay, yeah, some black people do say bad things about Asians (newsflash: so do white people), but that’s not every one of them. I happen to have a black friend who’s into K-Pop, and he does nothing but praise them, while another one (who isn’t into Asian music) compliments them on their dancing, singing, etc. She’s YET to say anything bad about Asian people.

    I do think she didn’t mean to say it, or it didn’t come out right or something. But she just outright insulted them! She’s just as wrong as the other Americans who stereotype or insult Asian people.

    @ Masa – Yeah, that may be a solution *about the whole skin being pale is beauty in their culture*

  8. Okayyyy. This is stiring up hate.

    Yes, she is an idol and should watch what she’s saying, but jesus, she’s HUMAN. It slipped out (freudian slip?). I hate her as much as the next anti but, leave her alone. You aren’t perfect either,a nd you’ve said some racist things in your lifetime.

    A better point: Why is it such a big deal? It’s Korea, in Asia, and unless your living in a box, all of Asia has some prejudice towards black (it was how she was raised, nurture over nature and all that). They’re trying to get over it, give them time.

    I love Korea and I love my own race, so I’d really like to see the two come together and not be against each other. :]

  9. WOW! I guess SNSD are just pretty faces and nothing more. No brains or hearts. Sad.
    Never really liked them anyway. They can’t compare to the past girl groups. They try to hard and they only seem to rely on their looks more than anything.

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